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May 2015 - 'appreciate the small things more'

11 May 2015

Some pretty as, random lake
Mondays come around so quickly that its a little rediculous!!! Honestly where does time go? 

Ok. Honestly, I dont even know what's happened, time is crazy? Something I have learnt this week (Ok, I'm learning right now) is how quickly time goes. I remember when I was a kid, that the 10 weeks between school holidays literally seemed like forever. I look back and I find that I 'wished away' a lot of my life. I was always looking forward to that next big thing, but never really appreciating the moment.  I think I JUST got a slap in the face that I have been doing the same thing with my mission, by being excited for the service project in 2 days, or trainings, or interviews, or transfers, or baptisms, or just anything. Then the time in between goes really quick. Then next thing you know I'll be home and I would have wished my mission away! But it's the every day things that I love the most...

Playing with Steve the sheep! (I AM in NZ!)
For example, I LOVE personal study in the morning. One hour every single day to just jump into the scriptures and Preach My Gospel (PMG) and find out about just everything.  Find answers to my questions or the questions of those I visit with.  Find scriptures that teach me about God's plan for each of us. Learning all about Jesus Christ and his Atonement... oh my goodness, I love it!!!!!!

My friend, Gary the goat!
I LOVE talking to people about God. When in your life, can you walk up to a random on the street and start talking about God? Honestly, it's crazy. You meet people on the street and they let you enter into their homes and change their lives, then and they start to pray and read scriptures and come to church and you can see millions upon millions of blessings in their lives. After a few weeks they notice and they start saying how happy they are they met you and how their life is sorting out and just so many things. I love it!!!

TAYLAR came out with us teaching!! Little missionary!!

I love the fact that I spend 24 hrs a day with someone (my companion). It occasionally drives me nuts but for the most part of it it's hilarious. When you spend that much time with someone, the conversation eventually gets crazy and it's so flippen hilarious. I have loved all my companions and have had many awesome experiences with each of them. And it breaks my heart everytime I get a new one, haha, then you learn to love them!

I love this beautiful country I am in. 

Mother's Day at the Jenkins!
I think I needed to write all of that for me rather then you! haha! 

The moral of the story is, I am going great and I need to appreciate the small things more because time goes by too quickly and it scares me!

Sister Heal

18 May 2015

Sister Allen & Sister Heal
So, we have a 'bajillion' things to do today, so this is just a update..

Some exciting things from this week:

I SAW 'IMPS' EVERYONE!!! Only those from ADL will get it... He came to Whangarei for a few days to see all of his old people from when he served here in the stone ages, haha! So that was cool to see him!!!

Dayton is set for baptism on the 20th which is super exciting for the family!!! I just love this message that we share and how it changes lives and families.

I am obsessed with the Maori people and have been learning how to use a 'Poi', it's for some dance they do in some kapahaka thing... who knows anyway I am learning that and, I can almost bless the food in Maori!! Yeaaaaaa happy days!!!! So here are some photos of some cute maori kids we see that I'm in love with, haha!

James had a birthday so we celebrated with him and Tayla!! I couldn't eat any cake though as I'm on a diet... sad life.. lost 4kg though!!!

We have seen MANY, many, many miracles in this area. We are mostly working with less actives but it has been a very blessed and happy 6 weeks!!!!

Today we get SIster Dohnt coming to us (from South Aussie!) so we will be in a trio for a bit. Exciting times. Sorry that's all my updates...

Sister Heal :) 

25 May 2015

So much has changed!!!!

Sisters Allen & Heal
On Monday whilst with the Elders, I get a call from President Balli.  "Sister Heal, you're going to... HENDERSON!!!!!" So that was very unexpected!!! I thought I was staying and that if I was going to move, it would be 'southside' as it's the only place I haven't been and it's where normal missionaries spend most of their time. But I'm not normal and so I will probably never get to go there!!

The cool badges Sister Dixon made for us
The next few days consisted of saying goodbye to everyone and getting the area in order.  Sister Allen is amazing,  she is now training and is going to be amazing!!! The Elders did the 'haka' for me at James and Tayla's and I almost cried. Apparently it's an honour to be "haka'd off" sort of thing. They also took us to lunch and everyone was just so nice. Whangarei has become my home. LOVE IT! 

ALSO. Sister Dixon and Sister Faivakimoana are companions… HAHA! WHAT THE CRAZY!! So goood!!!!! my 2 companions being companions!!!!!!!!

So, yes, yes I am in HENDERSON again. Not the same area as last time (West Harbour with the legendary Daynes) but this time I am in Lincoln ward. The ward is A M A Z I NG. We had a ward fireside last night and people actually brought their friends. We have had about 5 YSA offer to come teaching with us and everyone is just so sweet and lovely. Bishop is onto it and that's awesome to see. A very sharp ward! We just need to find, find, find new investigators.

Since this sudden change I have been thinking a lot about change this week. I love change. It's the best!!! So many times we think we are stuck in our situation, but we are not. I am not just talking about transfers (because it's not often you just pack up and relocate) but I mean in general. If we use the term: "that's just me" or "I'm just like that, I can't change," then so simply, you are denying the atonement. We change every single day. We need to choose to change for the better. Slow progression. No looking back. etc etc etc etc etc!!! Moral of the story is, I love change!

Sister Heal

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