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October 2014 - Obedience

6 October 2014
Transfer 5 Week 3


Let's be real, I am basically a Tongan now that I have a Tongan companion. She's teaching me so much :) But rest assured, she is teaching me much more than how to speak another language, she is an excellent missionary!!

So first things first... THANNKSS MMUUMM FFOORR TTHHEE PPAACCKKAAGGEE!! Everyone, my mum sent me the biggest package in the world, full of so much stuff. Just saying... also thanks to Em and James for the hand cream, it feels and smells so nice and the other Sisters were jealous :)

Ok! back to missionary work.. So the lady getting baptised on Saturday has been postponed 2 weeks as she is going to see her family and try get them involved etc. But it will still be during this transfer so its OK, I wont miss out! But she is so solid, read SO much of Book of Mormon and is loving every second of it!!

So, on Monday last week after emails we went to the park and played touch. (Hey brother, I now regret all the times you tried to teach me to throw a ball... because now I suck.. and I'm the silly little palagi girl who can't play!). We had a bunch of YSA come and then we invited some randoms who were starting to play so we had about 25 of us. So much fun!! But then we got home and.. I SNEEZED.. and tore my intercostal muscle again. This time it was much much worse. I screamed and fell to the floor and just started crying. Then my companion freaked out and kept making me laugh which hurt even more. So I would let out little yelps like when you step on a dogs tail. We got a hold of the Zone Leaders who rushed over. I couldn't move so they had to give me a priesthood blessing where I was. I was able to get up and they took me to the medical centre. The lady was like "yehhh you tore it pretty bad but there's no bleeding or swelling etc etc etc... this is very rare, but now  you've done it twice, you'll probs do it again". So that's awesome, I get a strike of fear every time I go to sneeze. But anyway we got home at 8pm and it was a mad rush to get changed out of sports clothes, pop on a dress and get on our way to an appointment. They called me crazy BUT we had to go to this appointment, it was one of those ones you just can't miss.  Anyway... I woke up the next day and I was basically fine. Not much pain, could breath normally and ride a bike. Last time it took a month to get to that point.. THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL :) 

Riding bikes across random fields
And that story is a good analogy for how the rest of our week was. It was an interesting week here in the great NZAM.  And from what I have heard a lot of other companionships have had a similar week as well, even some of our leaders.  I reckon it's because of General Confrence. There are opposites in everything and Satan knows that this weekend we're going to be so strengthened and receive heaps of revelation so he is trying to knock us all down before hand. Luckily we all know... the good guy always win! There really are opposites in everything :)

Really, this week has been the hardest of my mission so far. BUT STILL AMAZING. Its interesting how even when things come crashing down around you, you are still happy. That's the joy the gospel brings. A true happiness. I could have everything taken away from me right now, and it would be hard, but I know I would still be happy. I never want to come home from my mission, it's seriously the best thing in the world. I am gutted I didnt get out sooner! BUT I know its all in the Lord's timing. And things have worked out for the best anyway.
I am just so happy :)

Love Sister Heal!!

13 October 2014
Transfer 5 Week 4

Heyyyyyy all :)

Soooooooooooo amazing. I personally loved Saturdays sessions. But they were all fantastic!!! Loved... Christofferson, Uchtdorf, Klebingat, Gavarett, Holland and Bednar! I am currently watching the Priesthood session.. Soooo good!!  We had an investigator come with her family on the Sunday afternoon session which was great. I received so much personal revelation and also for our current investigators... there was a talk to address each of their concerns!! I loved some of the rebuking..  I feel like they were more bold this time around? 

Secondly, #TRADEOFFS
Sister Smith, Sister Heal & Sister Van Zyl after Conference.
So Sunday we fasted for direction in the area and purpose,  Come Monday night and we got the call for Tradeoffs.  Sister Brown came to my area and I went with Sis Van Zyl to Mangere. THE PROMISED LAND! Honestly, every single conversation (bar one) we got a return appointment for.  Plus we spoke to a lot of people about baptism who want that as a goal in their life. We taught and testified for hours on end and I had forgotten what that felt like (sadly).  We usually have 3 or so scheduled lessons a day but this was different.  Sis Van Zyl is such an incredible missionary, she is very sharp and loving.  True example of Charity!  I was able to receive a lot of direction from her.  Plus she is a crack up and I have been working on my south african accent "ya" is now apart of my vocabulary.  Also Sister Brown, the bossest, boldest missionary I know! She was able to give counsel on exactly what we need to do/change etc. As we followed counsel we have seen many miracles :) The flat they live in in Mangere is pretty much the ghettoest thing in the world, but 6 sisters live there in total. It brought back the memories of Henderson days, I love being with other Sisters!!  Sis van Zyl loves singing, therefore we spent the day singing... haha sadly my voice hasn't improved in the 6 months I have been here and I'm pretty sure when I sing, the spirit leaves ;)

Oh sad/funny story, Elder Basson in our district was cruising down the road on his bike and a car pulled out of the driveway and he went flyyinnnggg... poor guy, miraculously he only has bruising but still, so much pain!

Thats pretty much the highlights of the week, nothing else is in comparison :) Still loving every day!

Sister Heal

20 October 2014
Transfer 5 Week 5


So, crazy story to start with. On Friday, I GOT HIT BY A CAR!!! Ok, so the story goes like this.. I was happily minding my own business riding down the street and this car comes out of a driveway (front first so not even reversing) and she wasnt paying attention and hit me smack on and knocked me off my bike!!!!! It all happened so fast!! She pokes her head out the door "um are u alright?" and I was like "uhh I think so" as I was stumbling to the side... AND THEN SHE DROVE OFF and in the process cut off a car doing 60km and almost caused another accident. Crazy driver. So this random lady saw the whole thing happen as she was driving past and she reversed down the road (with a very concerned mother look) and was like "are you ok? anything broken? that looked bad, want me to call police? etc etc." She was SO nice. She got the numberplate of the lady and the address and explained how she was going to report it etc. I spoke to Mission President and he counseled the same, so today it's off to make the official report. But yeah that's my fun story! But nevertheless, the work still carries on!!!

ALSO. Another fun mission story. Saturday night all the members went to a baptism andd.... we forgot it was on.... so noone was home. 2 hours riding in the rain! picture is attatched. Never been so wet!! When im soaked I feel like a true missionary should..

Now to the spiritual things. INTERVIEWS WITH MISSION PRESIDENT. He is seriously the best person! Interviews were great and I was able to get a lot of good advice, especially about the atonement and about being a leader. I wish I brought my journal with me to emails so I could explain it all, but moral of the story is he is going to be an apostle one day, I am sure of it!

Also, about the 'come and see' fireside last night. It was so great to see all our other missionaries and meet their investigators. It was all about the Book of Mormon. It's soooo simple.. all you need to do is pray about it!! Why do we complicate things so much? "just pray bro".. its a quote written on the STL wall and it is so very true!!  ALSO I saw SISTER AISA. Well shes not sister Aisa anymore... Lusila Aisa. But so good to see her :) She is back in NZ for a holiday!!

Alllssoooooooo. Miracle after miracle this week. We have just been in the right place at the right time on SO many occasions. I know I shouldn't, but sometimes I forget how much Heavenly Father's hand is in this work!! We have been so blessed with the lessons we have taught and people we have met. Transfers are this week, I hope I stay in this area one more transer!!!
P-Day from about 7 weeks ago at Huia Point, with Elder Gulliver, Sister Eze, myself and Elder Pennington

Lots of love.. Sister Heal

27 October 2014
Transfer 5, week 6

TRANSFERS! Ok so, I am staying in Avondale.. and I have the same companion! 

So every week we email our Mission President. I am going to copy and paste, word for word, the email I sent him. This sums up my week.. well last 2 weeks. I have learnt a lot, which is why I feel the need to share this with the world, despite it making me look bad! So we had interviews last week and every time President asks "are you obedient" and this time my response was "I try to be".  Not acceptable :)
The last 2 weeks have been some of the hardest of my mission, not for any crazy huge particular reason, maybe I am going through a midlife crisis? Who knows, but they have been hard, and I have gotten slack. Worrying more about myself then the people I am here to serve. Worrying more about fearing man then fearing God. I LOVE my ward and the members here, but when they insist after meetings to take you for icecream on the way home to dropping you off... I get scared to offend them so I just agree. But, in that 10minutes, who could I have met on the street? What other good could I have accomplished? I always thought I was a good missionary, but recently I have had a bit of a reality check. I am in no way saying I am a bad, disobedient missionary. I try my best!! But my 'best' has decreased these last 6 weeks. So time for that to change.

President Balli,
To be honest, this week I have had to check myself a lot. I know I have issues with pride that I need to work out and my obedience needs a check also. I thought about it long and hard since interviews and I am genuinely ashamed that I wasn't able to look you straight in the eye and say "yes President I am obedient".
I want to assure you it's nothing major and in no way do I need to be sent home :) Its the small things that get you... lessons going for 50 minutes not 45, ice cream after MCM, etc etc etc. Those 'small things' aren't small things. Because those 'small things' is what is keeping me from qualifying for miracles, and for the spirit more and for becoming more like Jesus Christ. 
I thought about the question "what sort of missionary do I want to be?" Which led to "what sort of missionary does HEAVENLY FATHER want me to be?" And then I came up with a bunch of qualities and attributes from the scriptures/pmg. One thing that stuck out to me is that I need to be someone Heavenly Father can trust. Trust me to hear and follow the spirit, trust his precious children in my hands to teach and guide and be an example to them. 
I have done a lot of repenting recently, but president I want to say sorry to you also. I am sorry that I have only been giving 95% of myself to the mission and I am sorry if I am a missionary you feel like you can not trust. 
But it is going to change. Next time we meet I will look you in the eye and say with confidence "yes, President, I am obedient".

ps. in regards to the work, we had a couple of investigators at church today and 3 less actives. Which was a miracle!

"when obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power"
- Ezra taft Benson

So thats me. A few other cool things happened this week... like a fireside with the Temple President where Sid Going came and spending time with members, and the tongan sisters, which is all in the photos. 

Oh and last pday we had a water fight which was pretty rad. And there's this awesome $5 butter chicken place and the lady knows our order off by heart. 

Celebrated some rad Indian Lights festival and had so much food. Fireworks have kept me up and not sleeping but so much fun to watch. Oh and had terrential down pours which was fun, legit it was hilarious! 

We found some kittens in a flowerpot as well. 

Finally I found a, cool as, poncho that makes me look like a bat. 

Sister Heal

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 2014 - a 'Peculiar People'

1 September 2014

Transfer 4 week 4

Sooooooooooooooo much rain here in the land of the long white cloud!! I can't even explain the point of my wetness. If you squeezed my skirt water dripps out. BUT, it's all part of the parcel. People driving past think we're slightly mad but hey, we need to live upto the expectation of being a "peculiar people" ;)

We went out for lunch to.. DENNYS.. some cool as diner
thing $6 for a large pizza and L&P!
We had a ward missionary fireside.. and somehow we had more people at the fireside than at Sacrament! We have been planning it for a month and everyone had their assignments buuuut at 3pm (3 hours before it starts) we get told that those singing have pulled out, and there is no video to share.  As a missionary you become pro at last minute pulling-it-off.  My lovely companion has the voice of an angel (unlike me, turns out im basically tone deaf and sing at one flat tone the whole time, eek) so she got up there and belted out some primary song and blasted us all away :) As missionaries, for anyone who doesn't know, you must be in sight and sound of your companion at all times.  So I called up some YSA in the afternoon ward and were like "hey, want to go on exchanges with us.... at 5pm..... in the chapel?" haha so whilst my companion was singing in the chapel I was in the office on lds.org looking up videos to do with eternal families.  Considering that's one of our main principles - there is very little on it! But through prayer and faith and a lot of scrolling through videos we found 3x 3minute ones to share. Got it onto a USB and had everything sorted about 5min before the it was about to start!  Sisters saved the day ;) So many people turned up and supported, and we had a few non members there....and people brought food, which was awesome as we skipped dinner to organise everything... the Lord provides... ohhh happy days!!!

So with the chatterbox I spoke about last week we also have one for friend shares (visiting with members)... and on it there are words and certain challenges.. and a scripture also:

fireside - bring a friend to next ward fireside
book - give someone a book of mormon with your testimony
preach - come out with missionaries for an hour
church - bring someone to church
share - share a mormon message on facebook.
Invite - invite a friend to hear a missionary discussiojn
Family - invite a family to your next family home evening
fast - Fast specifically for a missionary opportunity

Anyway. We have done this with a few families so far (each person has a different challenge) and one family is so 'boss' at it, they brought someone to church this week AND we went to their house to have a lesson with their other flat mate. So we have new investigators and great teaching appointments. Members are KEY to missionary work!!!!!! Making things happen :)

And a picture of a really fat cat (this pictures a slimming angle of it)
 which goes along with the picture i sent months
 ago of a fat cat on a fence.... love fat cats here in NZ
Also, I was supposed to go on tradeoffs with the Sister Brown and Kofford and I was SO excited as I was going to their area which means.,.. BACK TO MY OLD FLAT! So I would have seen everyone, including Sister Daynes. I was so excited but the night before, but poor Sister Taylor got sick so, it was cancelled.. fingers crossed for this week :)

Wow this got long, sorry about it everyone! Have a swell week..

Sister Heal


8 September 2014
Transfer 4 Week 5


Ok so, craziest story ever peoples :) But i will tell you at the end so you read the less crazy stuff first and your mind will be blown!!!

Companions - last day of church!
TRANSFERS!!!! My beautiful companion Sister Ezekiela is going to Otara and I am staying. No idea about who my companion will be, I didn't sleep a wink last night thinking about it. I am so excited but so terrified. I feel like I have had the best Sisters so far in the mission and there are none left... haha but I have confidence in my Mission President so whoever it is will be inspired. Sister Daynes has had a new companion EVERY transfer on her mission.. other than being my trainer.. I'm starting to wonder if that will be me? Which is an awesome blessing because I get to learn so much from so many different people :) So my rap sheet is as follows... 5 transfers, 4 companions, 3 areas. Not bad :) I will be hitting my 6th month mark this week coming... time to burn an ugly skirt (it's tradition)

We went on tradeoffs on.... Friday. We only got to go from 1-5pm though which was super short and super sad but awesome we got too do it!!  I went to the other area with Sis Kofford in Henderson... It felt weird being so close to my old area but also cool :) I challenged myself to actually 'come seeking' with some things I had been pondering and praying over... and waddaya know... I received answers for everything I was seeking for.  Seeking works.. time to apply that into everyday life.. church.. conference calls.. meetings. Nothing beats personal revelation! Well maybe a guaranteed spot in the Celestial kingdom like Alma received (reading in Mosiah this morning) but hey, revelation = awesome!

Sunday was fast sunday so we went to the park
for our lunch break to study :)
OK CRAZY STORY TIME. We walked in to the chapel to sit down whilst I see this man in the back wearing a tracksuit. Went and chatted to him and it turns out he is a member (less active by the seems of it). He tells me how he is going to bear his testimony at the pulpit and i thought "wow, good on him!" anyway he handed me a few pieces of paper and said "read this, this is my testimony". The second I grabbed it I felt the Spirit inside me tense (it's so cool looking back that before I even realised, my spirit did!). It was a weird feeling. I looked down at the paper and the opening line is "I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true..." and I thought well.. this seems normal.. but it still felt wrong, my chest was tight. So I investigated further, read a little bit more and had a chat to him.

He started to tell me how no one has the Holy Ghost, and went on to share some very negative experiences and intentions etc etc etc and he ended with "people have to know the truth, so I am going to share this here and then go to Blockhousebay Ward and share it there and do this every fast and testimony meeting".
So here I am, 2minutes before sacrament, and this crazy (but lovely) guy tells me of his plans.  Between us and the Elders we have 10 investigators and a few less actives at church... not a good time for someone to preach false doctrine. I quickly went up to the Elders and told them and as I was returning, told Stake President and Bishop... and we all braced ourselves.

So the sacrament gets passed and Bishop introduces the meeting. He then bares a very, very, VERY powerful testimony.. hitting all the points this guy was going to say.. and the Spirit was just so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Elder Burgess and I had the plan that if the guy got up to walk to the front we were going to jump up infront of him and just spend 30min on our testimonies, not give him the time to get up... everyone would of been confused but someone had to take a hit ;) haha anyways he stands up. Elder Burgess stands up, the guy looks at him and walks out.

End of story. Happy days :) 

One more story:

Locked out of the flat!!
So Tuesday morning we were being good little missionaries and planned to take the rubbish out early as we always forget it. Well.. we walked outside... in our PJs... and THE DOOR SHUT BEHIND US. We were locked out. No phone no keys no nothing. We said a little prayer.... but the door didn't unlock (worth a shot lol). So we went 
to a members house down the road.. not looking very missionary-like. She welcomed us in and we had to call Bishop, to get the Elders number, to get to our zone leaders, to call the mission office. We get instructed to go to the tongan sister missionaries flat and wait there for a few hours. So we had a blast with them taking photos etc etc and eating all their food (the tongan missionaries get given so much food) and then at 9:25 get picked up by some lovely office ladies.  

We jump out the van to get into the house the Elders rock up to pick us up for our meeting.. so they catch us in our PJs with crazy hair.  
Got in and out in 5 mintes, never gotten dressed so quickly in my life :) Got to our meeting on time and became the laughing stock of everyone :)
Fun times with the Tongan Sisters   

I thought I'd share this, it's awesome


Thats all my news. Such a long one again.. sorry kids!!
Love Sister Heal

15 September 2014
Transfer 4 week 6

Last day with Sister Ez

Cooking dinner for an investigator -  a tick off the bucket list!
Ok sooooo... Sister Ez is gone down south.. Otara.. and I am still in lovely Waterview with my new companion.. SISTER FAIVAKIMOANA!!!! All right, here's her background... Grew up in AUCKLAND in WATERVIEW STAKE (yep the place I'm at now), her Dad was Bishop of the Tongan ward, then she moved to Sydney for 5 years and got called back here. Poor lass!! She was trained by Sister Judd (most legendary missionary to walk the earth) and then got transferred here.  So I am her follow up trainer! Which is new, and exciting :) Soooo she went to Avondale College which is in our area, so she knows heappssss of people. Was hilarious, we walked down the street and first 3 people we spoke to she knew!! haha so good. She is trying to stay focused on the work (which would be hard being around fam and friends) but after some advice from President she will be sweet :)

My new companion Sister Faivakimoana

Transfers was on Thursday.. Sis Daynes, Remington and Bonilla were ALL THERE. So I got to see all my fave people in the one place - SO MUCH JOY :) 
Sister Broaden from Australia!!

I spent the first half of the week visiting all the members so Sister Ezekiela could say goodbye.. and the second half of the week visiting all the members so Sister Faiva could say hello. So I have been given so much hot chocolate and biscuits I'm about to burst! Members here are so nice, they take care of missionaries :)

Also funny story for the week: I fell of my bike (this happens too often).  I had a plate on the handle bars and it smashed under my hand so now it's all cut. Sad times. But as missionaries we carry on.. even if blood is dripping down my hand :)

Also split my tooth in half so I have a dentist appointment tomorrow!!!

That's it for my week. A week with members!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Heal

22 September 2014
Transfer 5 Week 1

Wooowww... Well I hit my 6 month mark. What the crazy? Too quick! Slow down life!!

Being Tongan!
Time flies when your having fun? I think so! Alright, my week:

So we had a 'Come and See' fireside last night.. it's the one for all missionaries to bring their investigators to. We had 2 investigators and a less active come. The first 2 speakers were amazing, and then SAMMY J performed, such a perfect voice that guy. Then Mission President gets up to speak and is all spontaneos and is like "can all the full time missionaries please come to the front, we're going to sing a song".  So we all get up (there's about 800 people and 100 missionaries) and we're all up there going "what song are we singing?" and the the piano starts and it's the intro to "As Sisters in Zion" and we realise were doing the TFY medley. Everyone got quickly sorted, pulled it together, and smashed it. I think we got more out of it than the people watching.. but the Spirit was strong. Those that came with us said how much they loved it all! So happy days :)

We had zone confrence.. where 4 zones get together (like 60 missionaries) and have training for the day. Was way fun and informational! The focus was on Family History... Wowwww it's so important. I always pushed it aside as a thing to do when I'm older, but on Tuesday I went to the Family History library and had the best hour ever. The Spirit of Elijah is real people. Get onto it! And then on Wednesday it's exactly what president Balli taught us, how to use Family History in finding, retaining and reactivating.  Such a spiritually uplifting day.  Plus we all had lunch together and in this mission you rarely get to spend time with other missionaries so that was good :)

Ok so, the weather has been crazy, crazy. The other day we were walking down the street and it was raining hard out.. next thing you know.. hail... and this is like hard hail just started pelting down, so we ran and hid behind some random's house and hid under the umbrella. Got soaked still. Went to a member's down the road and when we walked in they ran to give us towels and then made hot chocolates.  So nice of them!!

Also.. MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK. With the chatterbox thing I spoke about a few weeks ago.. we have had heaappss of people bring friends/family to church/activities/giving out Books of Mormon etc... Everyone is starting to get excited about it. Members are key.. anyone reading this.. help your missionaries.. complete challenges.. I dare you :)

OH ALSO. One of our members made us Pulitassis or however it's called.. Looks so good :)

ALSO. We drew the Plan of Salvation on the pavement on Saturday.. it worked a treat, heaps of people stopped to talk and asked questions etc :)

The Plan of Salvation or the Plan of Happiness, a wonderful message!

Love you all!!

Sister Heal

29 September 2014
Transfer 5 Week 2


So this has been a week of miracles. Story time!!!

Riding bikes across a random field!
I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but a few weeks ago we got a random phone call from a lady saying she is interested in learning about the church.  Phone calls like this don't happen often! After a week of complications we were able to see her.  I vaguely remembered her - just a lady we tried to talk to passing by and we insisted she took the "Restoration" pamphlet.  Well, she read it, she loved it, has now read half the Book Of Mormon and.. is getting baptised this Saturday!!  I look forward to the 1000 more calls I will one day receive from all the other pamphlets I have given out.. if only!! But you NEVER know who is prepared.... 

Speaking of prepared people, we had a lesson this week with one of our investigators. He is Samoan and lives with his daughter and grandchildren.  Sometimes you forget the power of the 'First Vision'.  As we shared it - the Spirit could have been cut with a knife it was so strong.  After the lesson he bore his testimony of how he knows it's true because he feels it deep within his heart. Miracle! He should be getting baptised on the 25th October.

We also had 2 people we have worked with for over a month agree to baptism. 

Where is all this coming from??

LOVE IT!! Sent to me from Sis Broaden's mum

INVITING!!! We have a challenge to invite someone to be baptised every single day.  We accepted the challenge and followed the guidance of the Spirit as to who was prepared and who wasn't. Last time we were given this challenge I was in Hibiscus on the Nth Shore at the start of my mission.  I thought it was a dumb challenge "its not all about baptism now is it" was my frequent response.  BUT something I learnt this time. No it isnt all about baptism, but, baptism is the start.  It's the gate, the door opening, that leads to eternal life.  Someone can't be baptised unless you first invite them.  When you invite someone, you get 2 responses... YES - Awesome, fantastic! Or... NO - which is just as awesome. People always have a reason why they say no. So you find out their concerns and follow the spirit to help them resolve them. Love it.


Then came Saturday night and we were planning for Sunday and we realised that to hit our weekly goals we needed... 3 more lessons with a member present, 1 more friendshare (challenges to members), 1 more less active visit, 45 TWE (talking to randoms on street) and one more new investigator. We looked at each other and thought "all right, let's do this".  There was a lot to accomplish but with Heavenly Father's help everything is possible. Only through him were we able to accomplish all this, plus more. It was the busiest Sunday of my mission, and we accomplished everything except sacrament attendence 1/4 and other lessons 5/10. But other than that.... Happy Days :)

My study desk.
A HUGE picture of Christ staring at me,
with Mosiah 14 (Isaiah's messianically writing
about Christ - the best) and Alma 26 on the wall
I can't even remember the rest of the week. I am still buzzing about the baptisms and accomplishing goals. I just want to point out - It is NOTHING that we did.  So many things we planned fell through and didn't work out how we wanted. Why? This isn't our work, it's Heavenly Father's work.  His hand is in it and we need to just relax and stop trying to force things to happen but seek His will through prayer and follow that. That is my new way to live life!!

Sister Heal xx

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014 - New Challenges

4 August 2014
Transfer 3 Week 6


Where does time fly???

So the most devastating thing in the world happened - I got transferred!!  All day long on Wednesday we were awaiting for the phone call to find out what happens. Normally the phone call comes around 2pm but the latest it should come is 4pm.  All day we were both saying how it felt like we were staying.. and as the day went on, we got super excited about that. We were at a members house and it was 3:58 and she was like "so anyone going?" and we were like "nope!" and RIGHT THEN the phone rang. Sister Daynes was training a newbie (Sister Taylor from Aussie) and I was moving to a new area. Gutted. So sad, I cried!!!!!!!!!! 

West Harbour Ward.. I only spent a 6 weeks there, but it was honestly the best 6 weeks in the world!! I have wondered why that was.... and I believe it's because of a few reasons, but a lot of it comes down to..... I had the worlds best companion!!! No matter how many investigators you have or people coming to church or baptisms... if you aren't getting along with your companion then life can be rough. This is the person you spend 24/7 with. Sleep in the same room, eat the same food, spend all day every day with. Loving your companion comes down to the love you have for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. You can't love them 100% and then hate your companion/neighbour/someone.  It just doesn't work like that. It would be like walking backwards and forwards at the same time...

So I was way sad to be moved but at transfer meeting (where all the moving missionaries gather), President Balli stood up and said how strongly he felt about those that should be training and about who should move where.  As he was speaking, the Spirit strongly confirmed to me that this is true.  So sweet! I haven't been cheated - there's a master plan in everything!!

Here's a last photo of Sister Daynes and I..
So I am now in Waterview stake... in Avondale Ward! My new companion is Sister Ezekiala and she is Hawaiian/Cook Island and she lived in Aus for a while.  She is a little legend and we get along super well :) We are both new to the area... we did what's called "double transferring" or "white washed".  So I'm in a similar situation to what I was at the start of my mission.  Both brand new to the area, don't know anything or anyone.  But despite these times being hard they are the BEST.  Because of the little knowledge you have you are forced to rely entirely on Heavenly Father.  We have done so much praying for guidance and direction. The area was left in bad shape (which is apparently why we double transferred) so there' a lot of work to do. But I am truly excited. Challanges help us to grow! 

.........and the first one of Sister Ezekiala and I

I'm just going to say one more thing... (as not too much to report on, we've just been meeting members and being familiar with the area etc)
If you have any problems or trials you are going through.. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.. if you're not enjoying church much atm.. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.. if you feel your faith lacking.. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.. if you have something hard to accomplish or life is stressful.. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.

Just do it people :)

Love Sister Heal

11 August 2014
Transfer 4 week 1

Nothing to report on this week in way of the work. We found 7 new investigators though!!! Worked mega hard for it. I have never talked to so many people in my life haha. And we have met a few of the local crazies... sweet spirits :)

There is a great talk I urge everyone to read... "Strength to Endure" by Richard J Mayer.... It is wonderful, my companion was studying it this week and I had a look and it was fantastic!!!

BUT, funny story time. Ready for it? Ok so I'm the biggest clutz in the world... we thought we would be super awesome and take a shortcut by going through this board walk on the mangroves.  Going down the hill with the bike.. I slipped in the mud. And when I say slipped I mean like slippery slide slipped. Dress was above my waist and I was COVERED in mud. Well that was sad but also hilarious. Then we were walking on the boardwalk thing and I was taking a photo of my epic mud stain... AND I DROPPED MY CAMERA IN THE WATER!!! Like what the. Devo. In my head i was SOOOOOOOOOOO angry I wanted to cry. But I just felt at peace, and couldnt get angry (oh how being a missionary changes you!) So here I am covered in mud and my camera's sunk to the bottom of the river. I was like "well, its 4pm, lets go home so I can clean up and feel sorry for myself by a nice warm heater :)" so we had an early dinner and I felt better and tried not to think about it and just be happy. 

2 days later were on the same boardwalk and the tide is out... I look down... I SEE MY CAMERA!!  SO EXCITED. Obviously the camera is dead... but the memory card!! I have already lost all my photos once and I didnt want to again. So I played superwomen and jumped down... the mud was soft (being the bottom of the river an all) so I had to hold up my weight on the bridge, got my camera, climbed back up, covered in mud upto mid calf. The Bishop lives down the road so I walked to his bare foot, covered in mud (great look for a sister) got cleaned up and went on my merry way. The memory card WORKS! Happy day, all is well :)

So that was my week. My apologies as there's not much to write on in the way of investigators/teaching. I feel like I did in my first area... big difference from being in Henderson. It has been hard adjusting, I went from back to back lesson to now a lesson a day. But I know it will pick up, all in Heavenly Fathers time. We just have to do our absolute best and he will do the rest!

Love Sister Heal

18 August 2014
Transfer 4 Week 2

So this week has been a busy one, teaching heaps of lessons and trying to filter through the new investigators and see who is genuine and who isn't. We have seen many many miracles, Heavenly Father's hand really is in this work :)

So this week at church I did a 10-15min talk on "Love one another". There's a point I want to make to everyone....... Just love each other :) What's that quote from 'mean girls' "I just want to bake a cake full of sunshine and smiles.. cant we all get along like in middleschool?" I can't remember how it goes as I haven't thought about that movie for 6 months now. But moral of the story is we need to show love!!!! If we have not charity then we are nothing...

Also on Sunday we had some investigators come to church, the ward really helped out with that. They completely embraced them and we didnt have to worry about finding people to show them to class or sit with them etc. Members are KEY in missionary work!!!

So Sunday night we had a "Come and See" fireside. It's aimed at investigators/less actives and for a missionary to go to it, we need to bring an investigator. Well our ward mission leader is so on the ball and has a van and drove around picking us up and all our investigators. We took up a whole row in the chapel! It was a very spiritually uplifting night and the music was beautifully sung. There were about 800 people.. craazzyyy. 

Too be honest the best part of the fireside was... SEEING ALL MY MISSIONARY FRIENDS! Our mission is pretty strict whereby you can't communicate with missionaries outside your distict (6 of you). So at the fireside you look for all your old companions/friends... When I saw Sister Daynes - it was the most exciting thing in the whole world. ALMA 27: 16-19. We were both Ammon though haha. I was so excited and giddy it was rediculous. Was also awesome seeing Sister Bonilla, Sister McNaught, Elder CRAY and a few others. 

So today for P-Day we are playing sports at the chapel and 2 of our investigators are coming. We are developing a really good relationship with them!! Everyone we teach is from 17yo-23yo... which is pretty rare but also way fun. 

Well that's me for the week, thanks all for the letters and everything :)

Love Sister heal

ps. no camera still so no photos :( 

25 August 2014
Transfer 4 week 3

With our investigator at church
Alright, funny story to start off the day.... so I was riding down this hill, going preeeeeety fast and it was night time and pelting down with rain. On the otherside of the street on the corner I saw this 'couple' huddled together looking at something. I thought to myself, "perfect, they look lost, I will help these pour souls :)" so I shouted out across the road "Hello!!! Do you need any help?" and then the guy looked up.. it was a YSA from our ward... it was dark and I was squinting to see if it was him and I.... rode straight into a pole. Smashed my small finger and hurdled to the ground, bike on top of me, smacked my head on the pavement (got a slight concussion) and was just lying their in the pouring rain. It all happened so fast, It took me a good 5 seconds to gather my thoughts and I remember thinking "don't cry, don't cry just laugh" so I cracked up laughing. My companion came over and they ran across the road and I was laughing uncontrollably... a little delirious. The whole situation was quite hilarious :) So we went to that family's house and they gave us a nice cup of milo, ice for my fingers and fresh clothes as I was drenched and muddy.

Funny mission story for the week :)

So does anyone remember 'chatterboxes' from school??? Where you fold paper into a diamond box thingy and they have to pick a word and you open and close it, and you pick another word and you open the flap and it has like.. a fact.. or a dare.. or a boy you supposedly like??? Anyway. My companion and I are over doing missionary work the same way every way... so we had the most genius of ideas. Not sure if this has been done before in missionary work, I'm sure were not the only ones who have done it but we just came up with it... We made one for TWE-ing (talking with everyone)... we go up to them and are all like:

 "heyyy how are you, what you upto.. etc....." 
         "oh yeh good thanks.. I'm doing this..." 
"hey were doing this activity with everyone, do you remember these from primary school?" 
          "OH WOW that takes me back!" 
 "Pick a number"
"Pick a word"
"ohhh do you have a big family? why is family important to you?" *whilst companion spells out family on the chatterbox*
"pick another word"
"hmmm this question asks.... what happens after this life?... have you ever wondered that?"

BAM. We get in a huge convo about the next life and eternal families etc etc...
With every person we have used it for we have gotten a return appointment or their details to 'come around sometime in the week/Tuesday/weekend/etc'

We also are going to draw 'plan of salvation' on the pavement in chalk and talk to people about it as they go by. We know that's been done before... but thought we would try it!!! Missionary work is hard but fun :)

ALSO last P-day after emails we went to.. the AUCKLAND MUSEUM. We are prety lucky to go as it's in the city and the only missionaries allowed in city are the zone leaders and chinese speaking. But we got special permission, so me and my companion, our district leader, zone leaders and assistants all went to the museum together. So much fun :) They tried to charge us $20 because were not from new zealand but these randoms behind us were like "HEY they're missionaries, they're here volunteering for God, they leave their homes for 2 years and live in our country etc etc" and in the end the guy was like "fine just go in" haha. Sometimes I feel like royalty.. what a lovely lady :)

Thanks everyone for all the love and support you show me!!! Appreciated :)

Love Sister Heal

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 2014 - 'Talk With Everyone'

7 July 2014
Transfer 3 Week 2... 30th June - 7th July

Heyyyyyyyyyyy :)

So last week I was studying the Christlike attribute of 'Diligence'.  I took it to prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me become a more diligent missionary. The next day I woke up sick. Proper sick. Mostly a cough, sore throat, headache, sore muscles with a little bit of vomiting.  But as crazy as it sounds, every missionary knows - the work still goes on. This is where learning about diligence came in to practice. I had been studying about how no matter what the situation - you continue to work and you work hard and you don't stop. So that's what I did this week.  I feel like I went into 'survival' mode and tried my absolute hardest to keep working on. When it got to a point where I felt like I couldn't do the work and all I wanted was my bed, I knelt in prayer and pleaded with Heavenly Father to give me the strength to carry out His work. That night was still rough, but the next day I woke up and was basically healed over night.  I still have a light cough but everything else is just dandy.  Oh the power of prayer!!!!!!!

Me with a hedghog... I always see flat ones run over, but this is the first time I've seen one that's alive... they're so weird.., back legs bigger then their front. Way cute 
This week we were focusing on finding new investigators as most of the people we have been teaching are from previous missionaries efforts. We have a thing in this mission called TWE which stands for 'Talk With Everyone'.  So when you're walking to appointments or service projects - talk with everyone you meet on the way. We made this a goal for the week and a few times had to run across roads to catch people ;) But we were able to find 6 new investigators who we are teaching this coming week. 

The 3 kiddies didnt get baptised on Saturday as we felt they weren't ready. They have had a rough upbringing and they enjoy church and activites etc but we realised that until they feel the Spirit and Heavenly Fathers love in their home, that they wont progress past this point. So we have spoken with the mum and we are going to do a service project this week to clean up the home, put pictures of Christ on the walls, take some family photos and hang them up, and they are going to do nightly family prayers and scripture study. We have rescheduled their baptism date for the 19th and have prayed and feel good about it :)

Another miracle occured yesterday also. It was Fast Sunday (the first Sunday of every month the whole congregation fasts together and the church sacrament meeting is left open for people to come and share their thoughts and testimonies of Jesus Christ).  My companion and I fasted that our investigators would come to church... we had 7 people come!!! The testimonies that were said were so powerful and the spirit was felt strongly by all. Best Sunday ever :)

What can I say, this work is amazing! I am loving being an instrument in the Lords hands :)

Sister Heal

PS. CONGRATS TO SIS BRAMFORD!!!!!!!!!!!! Another one out in the field, loving it :)

14 July 2014
Transfer 3 week 3


The week 3 hump!!! So apparently (as I found out this week) that week 3 is the hardest in every transfer.  It's at the point where youve been with the same person for 3 weeks so your over the 'honeymoon' stage and you get more real, and you loose motivation, etc etc etc.  So I have heard rumours about week 3.  The Sister Training Leaders said all hell breaks loose in week 3 and things go wrong with all the companionships. Upon hearing about this I REFUSED, simply refused to have week 3 moments.  We turned the dreadded week 3 into the best week ever :)

Why was it so good you ask? All right here we go...

NEW MISSION PRESIDENT: President Lekias has gone home and President Balli is in. We had the opportunity to meet him for interviews on Tuesday.  Can I just say, I have never felt such love and warmth from a total stranger in my whole entire life? He has about 230 missionaries to look after.  He walked in the room and my District (6 of us) stood up as we were sitting at the table. He walks over and as he shakes our hands looks into our eyes tells us how happy he is to meet us, asks us where we are from and our name etc. So much love and so much warmth. Then we had a 15 minute interview and can I just say... he is so inspired :) Talking about it with my companion after and what was said in the interviews - he just knows us both so perfectly. He asked very inspired questions and was able to see straight through any walls and get to the core. So much love and warmth. very humble and inspired. We are both waayyyy excited :)

INVESTIGATORS: We are teaching so many people at the moment!!! As a missionary you usually spend your time between visiting members of the congregation, members who are struggling or no longer come to church, people you are teaching who are investigating, and finding new people. This week has been FULL with teaching investigators. Their are so many people prepared to receive the gospel at this time. The 3 kiddies are progressing towards baptism and we are helping the mum come back to church and be strong also. One of them had their birthday and she gave us invitations so we popped in and gave her a cake :) we had 5 people come to church on Sunday and each of them loved it. There's a new guy we're teaching and lets just call him Bai... he is 17 and friends with a guy who comes to church and he reminds me entirely of myself 5 years ago. Same questions, same concerns etc etc. He has been to church the past few weeks and wants to know everything about the gospel. He is set to be baptised on the 26th but we don't want to rush him so we will see how that goes. We are so busy teaching that on Tuesday and Wednesday we were literally running from appointment to appointment. 

my companion with some random
metal man :) 
COMPANION: Words can't explain how lucky I am with my companion! She is seriously the nicest person in the world and way way fun. We work hard and enjoy it at the same time. Always laughing and always learning.

Annnnnnnnd thats the end of my week. So here's some random things:

- I eat weird food on a daily basis. My district leader got fed dog last night and I must say, I havent eaten that nor do I want to. But I've got eating raw fish down pat. It's soooooooo gross. But wharves

- Also cake. I have eaten SO MUCH CAKE this week. People just love to fatten missionaries up!!

- I don't think I have had a day in the last 3 weeks where I have stayed dry. My feet are constantly wet and it's so gross but also hilarious. Sometimes you get so wet that you dont even care you're wet anymore :) And people feel sorry for you so they let you in and give you a nice coco Samoa!

- I pretty much step in dog poo every day. I dont know why, honestly. My companion doesn't - just me!!! It's so sad! 

- So we ding dong dashed the other night. One of our part members families the mum had a birthday. So we got a card and flowers and knocked on the door and RAN. haha it was so exciting. Felt like i was 12 again!

- The senior couple in our ward are Sister Daynes home teachers from back home and they took us to a way nice restaurant for dinner. I forgot what it's like to feel fancy!!!

- We had dinner at the Brown's and decided to take family photos... they're our samoan family :)

- This is pretty much the coolest thing in the world (serving a mission) get onnit everyone!!

Love Sister Heal :) 

21 July 2014
Transfer 3 Week 4

So, before I get down to business, let me tell you about the raddest P-Day I had last week.  So on P-Days you do your emails and shopping and clean the flat etc... Usually we are finished at about 3pm and we have 'free time' until 6pm.  As a missionary you are limited as to what you can do and normally we just go play sports on an oval or at the chapel with the other 4 Elders in our District. 

This week just gone though, we went on an adventure! There's some people in our ward who are a similar age and they took us to this WAY NICE place in the Elders area. So it's in the middle of nowhere, you drive through rolling hills to get there and then there is just sand and sand and sand and you come to a MASSIVE drop and there's a creek at the bottom. We bought boogy boards and went "sand duning".


Soon much fun!!! Then we had a little bit of time (hardly any) so we booked it to a nearby beach, ran across the hard sand and went to some caves. My camera died so I don't have photos of these caves but I'm getting them from the Elders next week so will attatch them later.

Moral of the story we were running around in bare feet and exploring and having so much fun :) and today we are going to some other caves and next week on a hike. Happy p-days!!!
Ok down to business with investigators..

Bai.... Well he said he wanted to wait a bit longer to be baptised (which is understandable) so we have just been seeing him every second day teaching him lessons.  We then had a lesson with him where we bore our testimonies of baptism and how it's the start not the end.  A lot of people have the mindset "I'm going to do this, this and this and then I'll get baptised and then I'm done". But truthfully.. baptism is the first step into the rest of your life and eternity.  On Saturday night we felt inspired to go to the Prasad's home (the people he's friends with and half lives there) and we sat down and started talking etc... then he turns and says "I feel ready to be baptised... this Saturday.. a week from now!" We asked him why he wanted to and he shared his testimony of the restored gospel. It was such a beautiful night :) So we spent Sunday rushing around at church trying to get it organised!!!!

The Kids... so the 3 kids we are still teaching have progressed a lot this week. They all went to their assigned classes and were willing to go to activities. They say they can't wait to be baptised! They are also being baptised this Saturday. So we have 4 baptisms on the one day - It will be a busy day for us missionaries!!!

They are the main 2 who we focus on right now, seeing them everyday. There's a lot of others we are helping with the first step and that is faith. Faith leads to wanting to change (repentance) which leads to baptism. There's a moment in investigators lives when it all clicks for them.  Everything we have been teaching and what they have been feeling all starts to make sense and they change so much in a short space of time.  The biggest moment is when they understand that they are a child of God. Someone can be told that a million times.. but once they feel it and understand it - everything changes :) Understanding your divine identity changes attitude and behavior :)

Change, change, change. So much changing! All for the better of course :)

So we have this less active member we visit and his wife and kids aren't religous but are 'testing the waters' as they call it. They're a beautiful Maori family.  We visit with them weekly and they are helping us to understand the culture. Teaching us how to speak the language and do our own pepiha (don't know how to spell it) where you say your river and mountain.  It doesnt matter if you're not from NZ you can just do it from anywhere... so mine is "Mulgrave river" and "Walsh's pyramid" in Cairns.... that's where half my childhood was :)  Anyway, we also learnt some songs and I can now introduce myself as a Sister missionary. I LOVE learning the language and embracing the culture :)

We had a 'come and see' fireside last night for missionaries to bring their investigators... Just a casual 600 people turned up. Last month it hit 1000! Honestly, its crazy how big they are here. I was able to see Sister Bonilla and hear about how my old area was going - everything is well :)

Oh! so yesterday I went for lunch at a members house... they had BOILED PIGS HEAD (nose and eye sockets and everything) and put it on the table and cut it in half. I thought I was going to vomit. But I held it together and filled my plate and then gave the food away to one of the daughters when they weren't looking :) I almost ate pigs liver thinking it was potato and they all laughed at me :) Fun times!!!

Ummmmmmmmm that's it for me this week!
As always I am just loving life. Transfers is next week and I really dont want anything to change, life is pretty much perfect right now!!!!

Love Sister Heal xx

28 July 2014
Transfer 3 Week 5


Ok, so all week we were rushing around mad organising everything for the baptisms... we had to call like 30 people to fufill assignments and get everything ready. Up until Friday night we were still making calls and double checking everything... Busiest week I've ever had!!!!

Saturday morning the 3 kids got baptised at 11am. A lot of the ward came to support and it was such a beautiful service. The spirit was strong and people were in tears. Sister Daynes and I stood near the font so when the kids came out we could get them organisd to go and get changed etc... they came out (after being baptised) with the BIGGEST smiles I have EVER seen. Honestly it's like it was their Christmas and birthday all in one. It was such a sweet moment. A very proud missionary moment! Not proud of our skills or anything like that, but proud of them for making that covenant with Heavenly Father. So. Much. Joy!

So we cleaned up from that, re-vacuumed the chapel and cleaned out the font etc etc......

Saturday afternoon Bailey got baptised at 2pm. It was one of my highlights so far. All his family came to support him and a lot of people from the ward came as well. The Spirit was felt even stronger and all he could say was how happy he felt. It was such a beautiful baptismal service. I had the sweet experience of seeing him hug his grandpa and they both broke down in tears.

His family all explained how they have seen the biggest change in him over the last month. It honestly filled my soul with exceedingly great joy ;)

So then Sunday comes.... On Sunday is when a new convert goes up the front and receives the 'gift of the holy ghost' by the 'laying on of hands' by someone holding the priesthood. One by one they went up and were given this special gift. The blessings given were beautifully spoken and after they sat down each one stood in the congregation and was sustained as a member of the ward. Each one couldn't hide their happiness with grins from ear to ear.

Then after church Bailey received the priesthood!!!!

And tonight..... We are witnessing one of our investigators babies being blessed and also a less actives.

We also have a lady called Meto set for baptism this Saturday. She is in her 70s and is Samoan. She moved in with her brother who is a strong member in our church. She said she has been to other churches for 50 years but she has never felt the Spirit like she does at ours. We asked her to bear her testimony and she cried and just said she knows it true, she can feel it. So she is going to be baptised this Saturday coming at 4pm.

So many ordinances performed this weekend. I can honestly say that collectively, the best 3 days of my life. The joy you feel seeing someone making covenants is like nothing else. Words can not describe it.

Sorry about the poor quality of some of the photos :) One is us with the kids... the mum and older brother were baptised about 2 years ago.

The other is us with Bailey in his suit and then in his whites ready to be baptised by his best friend.. sweet moment :)

Sister Heal

PS. So this week I sneezed so hard that I tore my intercostal muscle off my rib bone.. or something like that, Pretty much I sneezed and yelped (like a dog) in pain. Every breath, cough or laugh was soooooooo painful and everytime I sneezed I almost cried. Went to the docs and he gave me some antiinflamitory stuff and was like "go home and sleep" but we all know that missionaries don't do that, so I went back out to work :) My poor companion, she is sooo hilarious and I kept getting angry at her for making me laugh cos it hurt too much. Moral of the story... sneezing is dangerous!!!!