Tuesday, October 13, 2015

September 2015 - "This has been the best 18 months of my life"

7 September 2015

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! And everyone!!!

I attached an awesome video about fathers etc, I suggest you all watch it :)

So, another funny story. In Whangarei last Monday, we went on a hike to Abbey Cave.  Anyway, we didn't have a change of clothes, all we had was shoes, haha!  well.. of course I slipped in the mud! Awkward. But the caves were beautiful :) 

This week has been awesome. The last 2 days in Whangarei were great, it was hard to say goodbye though to a crowd of people I know I won't see in a while. So glad for them and the impact they have had on my life! 

I have reflected a lot over the past few days over the title of "father". Maybe, just maybe, because it was leading up to fathers day. But I was thinking about our Heavenly Father, aka God! He is someone who loves us so, so much, and I just want each of you to know that!

We just did a training with the sisters in Whangarei.  I so love this group shot and how clear all our badges are!! And also just time spent with the sisters. A fun day :)

Sister Heal

14 September 2015

We went to President's house this morning for STLC. So all the Sister Training Leaders got together and had a meeting and a cute breakfast. We went 1.5 hours overtime, because as we know, sisters love to talk!

So this has been a GREAT week! Honestly, so, so good. Being a missionary is just so incredible. The highlight would be a new investigator we found. There's a man called Dave and he served his mission in the Philippines but upon returning home he struggled and fell off.  Many years later he and his wife have a 10 year old son. We found him by accident and he invited us back on Friday night. We went back (not sure if they would remember the appointment or not) and knocked on the door... they were all ready and set up for us. His wife starts asking us a million questions about the church and we had the opportunity to teach about 'the restoration'. He then shared a powerful testimony with his family and many tears were shed!!! We are now visiting her weekly and he have hopes that one day soon they can be sealed in the temple:)

Also we rode around on Saturday for hours and it was the BEST! I love biking.

We also had zone conference this week. It was awesome! Sorry there is only one photo, but we no longer trust these computers.

ALSO on Tuesday we had 'tradeoffs' and I WENT TO AVONDALE!!! MY HOME LAND!! Where I spent a massive 6 months of my mission. It was so, so incredible to visit people I haven't seen in around a year and see how they are. "The church is true, the book is blue, and Moroni is on the ball" ;)

Ofa atu!

21 September 2015


I come home in a few days! I always thought I would have nothing to say today, but actually I have a lot :) But just because everyone is asking again.... 

I leave Auckland Wednesday, 23rd at 8am so checking in 6am... and arrive in Adelaide at 10:35am

SO THIS WEEK was such an awesome week!!!!! 

Monday, I got to visit my old area West Harbour and visit recent converts of mine and also a less active who came back to church. We took photos but alas, alack, crickety crack... the viruses on these computers just aren't worth it!!

Tuesday we went on tradeoffs with the sisters in Penrose... sooo good! I was with Sister Palu (hey Sister Bonilla!!!) and we were at this house for dinner (RUSH, IT'S YOUR FAMILY.. I MET YOUR AUNTY) anyway, we were talking and they asked to hear my conversion story.. Well, I said about 3 sentences and they turned around and said "I've heard this before!" and it turns out, that they heard it from her sister who works in the MTC, she heard it a year and a half ago. Turns out I'm famous? Anyway it was a great day!

Wednesday we had a companion study with some other sisters who were struggling and there's an activity in 'Preach My Gospel' I felt inspired to do. Reflecting on why you came on a mission and how it meets your expectations so far and what you can do to achieve it more etc. Well many tears were shed and hearts were touched as we each remembered the joy we felt of becoming a missionary and what we need to change to fufil our purpose and dreams more. Whether you have a year left or 1 week you can make your dreams happen!

Thursday was a normal day but the BEST, I love being a 'normal' missionary!!

Friday was such a busy night. Appointments at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.... none of them fell through!!! All teaching appointments with investigators. I felt the spirit so strongly and I know it worked with me and I am just so grateful to be a missionary and see peoples lives change!!!

Saturday we had a dinner with this amazing family, they are from Indonesia. They are just so incredible and know someone in the Area Presidency. They know everything about our church and one of them asked "how do I register?" It reminds me of my famous line "how do I sign up?" It was so wonderful! Had dinner and then shared about the temple and the 'plan of salvation' etc. They want their kids to go on missions and go to BYU. Such a great family!!!!

Sunday was gooood!! I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting. Then we went out and just talked to people the whole day. A lovely South African lady randomly let us in which was an incredible experience!!!!! Then we had a 'come and see' fireside at night and saw all the missionaries and met their investigators, so great!!!

We also reached our goal of 141 'twe' (talk with everyone). My companion had never got it before and we were driving around at 8:40 Sunday night looking for people to talk to. We also rode bikes ALL week... and we barely visited members. I have decided that being 'trunkie' (wanting to come home and slacking at end of your mission) is a choice you make. I choose not to be trunkie and I had one of the best weeks I have had in months. We worked so hard and I'm grateful for that! And it's not over... door knocking today, teaching tonight, and tomorrow.  I'm being put with a companionship that's struggling to try and help them out. It's time to serve harder than I have ever served before. 

To all missionaries going home soon... one way I kept motivated was a goal to give out a Book of Mormon every day... and it motivated me to 'TWE' every single person and try to teach when you find and find when you teach :)

I JUST DONT WANT TO LEAVE! I love being a missionary. This has been the best 18 months of my life, nothing comes close in comparison.

I just want to say, I know this work is true! Jesus is the Christ" :)

Love Sister Heal

This photo is of STL breakfast at President's last Monday!