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June 2015 - "We literally have the power to do anything"

1 June 2015

I am always so, so excited to write this, but everytime I sit down I dont even know what happened??? 


Well, Remember how I told eveyone that Elder Bednar came to visit? We were told we would shake his hand but he was 20min late so we didnt get to? I remember as he walked out, I had a tear roll down my face because it has been a forever dream of mine to shake an apostles hand.  But anyway we got told 3 weeks ago that another one of the 12 apostles is coming... ELDER QUENTIN L. COOK! We were told he wouldn't have time to shake our hands (they always seem to get it wrong) but he came in and looked at all of us and then announces "I want to shake each and every hand here".  So I had another tear roll down my cheek of excitement and got to shake his hand. I felt like a kid in line at Disneyland.. so cool :) 

The whole mission was there with the Hamilton Mission, so that was cool, I got to see everyone!!! Especially Sister Dixon!! I also saw Sister Allen and Faiva etc etc. My companions are all over the place now!

My new companion Sister Haughlid (all good)
Can I just take a second to show a moment of appreciation for Sister Haughlid my new companion? She is the bomb! (She made me pancakes for beakfast. Anywho?) 

Lunch at President's home
Too be honest, not much to report on. We are slowly building up the new area. The members are amazing but not many people to teach atm… does anyone randomly have friends in Henderson they want us to visit? ;)

Also… THE WEEK AFTER NEXT, I GET TO GO BACK TO WHANGAREI!!! But only for 3 days. But I am so very excited I can barely control it. I love that place! But yes, also love this place!

Something I have learnt a lot about this week is repentance. We hear all the time people saying "I can just ask for forgiveness on my deathbed" and it's like 1. no and 2. no. You can't do that, sorry to burst anyone's bubble!!! But repenting isn't just about being forgiven, it's about change.  And asking for forgiveness once, doesn't mean you automatically change and are like Christ, it's the process of a life time. That's what this life is all about.... now is the time to prepare to meet God... so do not waste your time ;)


(Getting my tongan on again… oh, awkward story, I wore my 'pulitaha' to church on Sunday and everyone starts talking Samoan or Tongan to me, awkward.  I couldn't understand a word they said!)

Sister Heal

8 June 2015

This week was amazing. Actually every week is amazing, how blessed are we all to be alive? 

Anyway I went to the 'Massey' Sister's area for the day with Sister Freed. She's this cute little blondie who I was in the MTC with at the start of my mission. It was such a good day. 

I have thought a lot this week about goals. And setting plans to achieve your goals. Basically if you set a real goal and break it down on how to achieve that, then legit, you can do anything. Whether it's school, church, mentally, physically, spiritually.... everything really... we can achieve it. How powerful is that? We literally have the power to do anything. 

Anyway. The moral of every story is: the book is blue, the church is true, and Moroni is on the ball!!

Sister Heal

15 June 2015


So again, this week has been pretty awesome. 

Last P-day we had a 'classy nerf gun war'… very fun.

This is from when Elder Cook was visiting.
Elder Prasad, Sister Heal, Elder Adams and Sister Dixon
We had zone conference on Tuesday, we met with about 60 other missionaries. It was a great experience. I learnt a lot but the biggest thing I learnt is about doing things out of love. I then got rebuked by the spirit for not loving enough, but I'm working on that, improvement and progression ;)

Guess who is in WHANGAREI? That's right, I am!!! Happiest day of my life!!! We are climbing some huge mountain and then having a hangi. A smoked one in the ground. It can't get much more legit than that! I'M SO EXCITED to be back with what feels like 'my people'. I am a happy little choppy that's for sure!

Sister Heal

22 June 2015 

Whangarei was amazing.  It was good to be in my 'homeland' and leaving it again was very, very hard. It's crazy how much you can love people or a place. But I'm glad I got to go back!!! I got to be companions with Sister Allen also for a day which was lots of fun. And I saw everyone from my old area (like James, Tayla, the McGees, Crystal, Jenkins, etc) and I just LOVED it!!!

Also this week it was my beautiful companion's birthday. SO I got up super early to put balloons and love-hearts all over the house with the other sisters. Sometimes I take a step back and realise how much of a typical sister missionary I am! Anyway, it was great. We had about 5 birthday cakes over 2 days and the whole world knew and celebrated which was a lot of fun. My companion is amazing and wish I could have done more, but as a missionary time and funds are limited, haha.

I have had a harder time adjusting to this area more then most, I love Henderson, but I think the struggle lies in the fact I miss Whangarei. I honestly feel like that is my home now!!! But, the Lord needs me here.  Any advice about how to love an area you don't naturally love??? Lucky my companion is a legend and lucky I get to travel over the country, so that keeps me sane and keeps me fired up!!! but any tips??

I am still 100% happy. I'm just happy to be a missionary!!!!!!

Sister Heal

29 June 2015

Here's a crazy story for you all.
How many missionaries can decide to take a roadtrip cross country and just pack up and go? Well long story short, we had to change our plans of when to go to Kaikohe. We realised this on Wednesday night at 6:30pm. We left for Kaikohe Wednesday night at 8:30pm and stayed the night in Whangarei to split up the drive and then headed up Thursday morning. It was amazing. The sisters are so wonderful, the people are 'hori', the place is beautiful, life is happy!

We got back on Saturday in time for our ward carnival. I think the highlight was when our bishop got his face painted as a butterfly and danced around the hall pretending to be a butterfly - he's great! We had a few investigators come and it was a pretty rad time.

I have been studying a lot about consecration, sacrifice, dilligence etc. I hate saying this, it feels like a swear word haha, but I only have less then 3 months left. I truly want to finish strong and show Heavenly Father how much I love him and being a missionary. I am so insanely excited for the next 3 months and for whatever life brings!!!!

Sister Heal

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