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April 2015 - I'm so, so happy

6 April 2015

NANS BAPTISM! So, Nan is in her 70's and was found by missionaries over a year ago. Well, her husband was. The missionaries helped him with gardening and he invited them back for a meal. Nan was not keen at all. She hated the missionaries and wouldn't talk to them! As per usual, they won her over and she began to open up to them and to there message. She has had missionaries visiting her every second day for the last year. A month ago we had a very intense lesson with her where she finally committed to a date for baptism. Once she committed, she was so solid and so excited and never looked back! Well the date that we set was on Saturday just passed. It was such a beautiful baptism. Her husband was a great support!! It shows that you are NEVER TOO OLD to start new. She has a fresh walk in life and a fresh look at life. Half the ward showed up to support, it was so beautiful!!!

 THE CAVES! So last Monday after emails we went to Waipu Caves. I promise it wasn't as apostate as it looked. We DIDN'T go swimming. But we did almost die at multiple moments but it's all ok, we are alive. There were glow worms and it was rad. We only had little torches for light, awkward. One part was intense. It's called "pregnancy". Because there's this tight little hole that you climb up and it has a rope and is so small they say its like giving birth. lol. It was about 5m high/long and very squishy. You have to use your upper body strength to pull you up and your knees and elbows. 

A few missionaries couldn't do it as their shoulders were too broad!! It's that tiny!!! Anyway... I got half way and honestly wanted to give up. Legs were shaking and I thought I was about to drop. But if I dropped I probably would have broken my leg. One of the Elders who had gone ahead simply said "you are further then you think" and it gave me a kick. With increased vision comes increased motivaion. Analogy for life? I also got cut up knees and blood down my leg, but that's like life also I'm sure ;) Few scratches here and there, but sooooooooo worth it!!!

TRANSFERS. We got transfer news a week early and Sister Dixon is leaving. Devo!!!

Other news: Tayla is getting baptised this Wednesday.

ALSO, We were so poor this week, 'lols' at our fridge, and cutting the toothpaste to get some out... those missionary days!!!!

We also got to spend a night in our zone leaders AREA, they have to drive on the beach to get to the bishop's house, so that was pretty 'rad' :)

I realised this week how much a mission changes you! I still have the same personality as always, that probably will never change.. but I am a much much better version of myself. I still have a long way to go, for the rest of my life even, but I have come very close to Christ over this mission experience, he has become so important in my life (which is sad he wasn't as much before!)

I am so happy out here, so so so happy :)

Sister Heal

13 April 2015

TAYLORS BAPTISM!! She was baptized and confirmed on Wednesday night. It was soooo beautiful to see her dressed in white. It was a small but touching service and the spirit was mighty strong. Her and James are now preparing to go to the Temple in a month to perform baptisms and then next year to be sealed for all time and eternity. Honestly words can't even express how much I love them and how they just feel like family now. Eternal bond that's for sure!!! Then after we all had a 'feed' at maccas and... Elder Adams tore his pants. Realllyyy badly!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, with the depressing news that Sister Dixon would be leaving, everyone wanted to say goodbye to her etc etc. So on Tuesday we were airing a copy of 'Meet the Mormons' and whilst everyone was watching that, we set up in the hall next door a massive 'feed' to surprise her. It's the hardest thing in the world trying to be sneaky when you're in a companionship, they know everything! She kept saying for days that I was being shady.. haha! well it all worked out in the end!

TRANSFERS: This is one of the saddest days in the world. Seya later Sis Dixon! I literally shattered and I cried so much it's ridiculous, I'm such a sooky sister missionary sometimes! But my new companion is lovely, Sister  Allen. She's from PNG/NZ and she's older, so I no longer feel old :)

GENERAL CONFERENCE: Did anyone else get a spiritual hiding from Pearson and Holland? Loved it. If you haven't watched it, I suggest you do!

Sister Heal

27 April 2015
My new companion, Sister Allen
Sorry for no news last week... my excuse is that there were some little children who needed their lives saved and we also rescued a kitten from a tree. Ok not really I was just lazy but all good here we go :)

So the past 2 weeks, I'm not even going to cover it up because that would be prideful, but they have been harder then usual. It's not for any crazy particular reason either, my companion is great, my area is great and seemingly everything seems great! But Satan is so good at what he does and sometimes things are just hard. But it's been the best, because it's over times like this that Jesus Christ becomes your best friend.. and I am so, so grateful for that. The longer I am on my mission the more I learn to rely on Him. 

Eating at a restaurant
But here some random photos: 

This one at the table was dinner with a part member family. Love restaurants, I feel so fancy. 

Below is our new flat and my trainee making breakfast. So it needs a bit of TLC but that's ok, it's got 4 walls and that's all you need. We're working on a roof but for the meantime it's great looking up at the stars!! But yes, we will get a roof before the rain kicks in too much, so don't worry Ma, I won't get cold.

Speaking of cold, I have tonsilitis and keep getting fevers and cold chills and it's so darn annoying. 

Also this is my zone, minus 2 elders who didn't want to waste their Ks! We had a testimony meeting at the Lilleys "house on the hill" with views of Whangarei!

Sister Heal

PS. I FORGOT TO MENTION, we are posssibly getting a new companion and being in a trio. She might be coming today, I'll get to practice my Samoan :)

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