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The Missionary Training Centre (MTC)

18 March 2014
The MTC!
HEYYYY EVERYONE!!!  THE MTC IS THE BEST! My plane arrived late (thanks to everyone who came to the airport btws) and  by the time i got to the MTC it wa s like 8:30pm. We got in and were the second to last group to arrive and went straight into a meeting. Then I had an interview with President and finally ate dinner at 10pm. The food here is OK, its really fatty but it's alright. We have bread with every meal so i just make sandwiches all the time haha, sandwich artist skills!!! My companion is Sister Vauvasa, shes lovely, shes from America Samoa and we get along really well. We have 2 other girls in our room one from Vanuatu and the other is a Samoan from Sydney.  

Sister Heal with Sister Vauvasa

So, the MTC is good but hard, we spend 12 hours a day studying.  You are exhausted! And it has nothing to do with sleep. you're mentally exhausted. Because every hour you do a new thing and everything needs your full attention.  I have learnt so much being here and I am finally starting to realise that, at the start it was an overload but now it's good. So we are practice teaching 2 investigators and that's going really well, it's good to use our skills in real situations. Just makes me so excited to get out there and be a real missionary.. this time next week!!!! But even though its all pretend atm, when you testify of the truth and share personal experiences, you can still feel the Holy Ghost, its incredible. 
So Sunday was the best Sunday ever.  Everyone in the MTC had to prepare a 5min talk on chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel (PMG ) about the Book of Mormon and I chose to do mine on "how it helps us come closer to Jesus Christ".  in sacrament I didnt talk but we had a fireside that night where I got called up.  I cried, others cried and it was a beautiful time haha.  I just shared my personal experience of the Book of Mormon and how it has changed my life in every way possible.  Who knew a Book could make someone so happy.. it's just words on a piece of paper. But, its words of GOD on a piece of paper, so that's why it's so amazing. 
On Sunday we watched a video of Joseph Smith. I have seen similar one's before but not this one, that was good, everyone cried in that also.  Sunday. Day of crying, seriously haha. Then we watched a MTC devotional from Elder Bednar.  Hes the man, hes seriously so funny. It was like a Q and A thing and talked about ALOT of stuff, not just missionary things.  I recommend everyone to watch it as he gave some fantastic answers. 
We have sport for an hour everyday, it's one of my highlights, it's hard because we have an oval we just run wild on so there's not much to do. So a few other Sisters and I have
done a circuit full of sprints, lunges, squats, pushups and tricep dips.  I'm sore all the time so I know I'm doing something right. 
So its hard being in a room with 4 people, I'm loving having a companion, but we have another in our room which makes things hard. Up at 5:45am and bed at 11 every night. But it's teaching me a few good lessons so it's all lovely :) ALL I can think right now is I am SO EXCITED to get out there and be a real missionary. I still don't always feel like one. I'll be at the dinner table and look up and be like "oh cute there's some Sister missionaries" but then i realise I AM A SISTER MISSIONARY. Black badge and all. Haha but I dont thinkl I will feel real until I get out in the field! I get to email next week Tuesday and that will be my last day in the MTC. So one week and it will be awesome.
But just know everyone that serving a mission is the best, and I'm not even out yet but i am loving life already. Im always tired but always happy. Oh and Temple on Thursday, so excited for that!!
Love you all!!! Once I'm in the mish field it will be easier to write because I'll have more time!! Thanks everyone for reading, take care and much much love!!!! 
Sister Heal xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25 March 2014
A visit to Temple View, Hamilton
HHEEEYY EVERYONE!!!! So the MTC life is awesome. On Thursday we got to take a trip to Hamilton Temple. I loved it soooo much it was seriously so beautiful. I bumped into SISTER CLARKE. I dont have any photos yet sorry as these computers dont have a memory card slot in the MTC. So Photos will be next Monday.... YES MONDAY IS MY NEW EMAIL DAY :) And I will have MUCH MORE TIME to email.. we only get 30min in the MTC which is barely enough time to read them. 
So whilst in the MTC, we have had 3 teachers... each teacher pretends to be a an investigator. SO we have to meet them and then find out their concerns. We met with them 3-4 times. One of them who is called Jacob we committed to baptism. The other 2 (Maryanne and Jackie) we committed to coming to church. Although it was only role playing the teachers were still difficult on us, and it was a great learning experience. Even though it wasnt 'real' we could still feel the Holy Ghost as we tried to testify of the truths that we knew. So that has been a great learning experience!!!! 
On Sunday my companion and I (Sister Vauvasa) were asked to give a 10min lesson in Relief Society on obedience. The MTC Presidents wife enjoyed our lesson so much she asked us to do it again at the fireside!!!!! She got us to take some of HER SPEAKING TIME!! So that was a huge honour. We were very greatful for that. 
Too be honest... I dont actually have much news this week. We do the same thing everyday..... This has been my schedule for 11 days. 6AM wakeup. 7AM breakfast. 7:30AM personal study. 8:30AM companion study. 9AM Classroom time. 12PM lunch. 1PM sport. 2:30PM Classroom time. 5PM dinner. 6PM classroom time. 9PM devotional. 10:30PM sleep. Its seriously all we do is eat, sleep, study! haha. But i love it and love everything I am learning. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I go out into the mission field, so I will be around the Auckland area. I must admit, I have LOVED my time in the training centre.. My knowledge has improved as have my teaching skills. The teachers in here are so inspired and amazing. I feel as though I am ready to go and teach and serve. I love this church, I love the happiness it brings me. Next week my blog will be way more exciting! Wish me luck everyone :) :) 
Love Sister Heal!!!!

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